God is for YOU!!

Life is tough. We work hard, we stress about our families and our finances, the car breaks down. The list goes on. If we are honest with ourselves, for many of us the list sometimes feels like it could expand to the length of an entire set of encyclopedias. (For those who have no idea what a set of encyclopedias might be, Google "Funk & Wagnalls.") Some days it just feels like the world is against us. Those are the days when you want to turn off the phones, shutter the windows and put the "Go AWAY!" sign on the door.

And then you go to Wednesday night Vacation Bible School. You see kids excited to be there. These kids have smiles on their faces and the energy just vibrates off of them. And then you get to sing and party with these kids and hear amazing Bible stories. And then you realize that, yes, life is tough.


But there is a God in Heaven who loves you and who is for YOU. It is amazing how the message that is supposed to be for the kids feels like it might actually have been meant for you. You remember that while the stress and struggles may not go away, you have a God who loves you and is there for you. So you really aren't going through this alone after all. You have the Maker of the Universe on your side. Could you really ask for anything more?

And you remember how blessed you truly are. You go home tired. But the burden is lighter and the days seem easier because you remember that God is for you. WOW GOD!

Join us on Wednesday nights this month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. You won't regret it.

#vacationBibleschool #wowGod #Godisforyou

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